Air Quality Matters! Especially in Your Home

Indoor air quality is of the utmost importance. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans spent an average of 90 percent of their day inside. During the pandemic, it’s possible that number was actually higher.

Some pollutants can exist in concentrations up to 5 times higher indoors than outside. Additionally, many people suffer ill-effects from that exposure. That’s what makes having a robust air quality solution so vital.

If you are wondering exactly how an air quality solution in your home can help, here’s what you need to know.

Remove Air Pollutants

A variety of substances directly impact indoor air quality. Some of them originate inside, created by cooking appliances, cleaning supplies, and the building materials used during construction. Others come from the outdoors, reaching living and working spaces by crossing through ventilation systems, squeezing through structure cracks, or wafting in through an open window or door.

Even people and pets create pollutants. Dust is often comprised of dead skin cells, while pet dander is a common allergy trigger.

The biggest benefit of an air quality solution is the system’s ability to remove those harmful pollutants. It can reduce the prevalence of a variety of substances, including tobacco smoke, pet dander, mold particles, pollen, and more.

With ActivTek air sterilization technology, the system actively reduces the level of contaminants inside. As air circulates through the air quality solution, it’s treated and retreated, continuously removing pollutants and freshening the air.

Stop Germs in Their Tracks

Another benefit of air quality solutions like ActivTek air sterilization is the ability to limit the spread of germs in your home. In a post-COVID-19 world, this has become an increasingly pressing priority as people become more aware of the potential dangers lurking on high-touch surfaces and in the air.

With an air quality solution, you can supplement a solid cleaning regiment, protecting your house against a range of viruses and bacteria. Many systems also kill airborne germs, reducing exposure, and helping to keep homes and families safer.

Additionally, the treated air skims across every surface while also removing particles that would otherwise buildup. This can include reducing the spread of germs, preventing them from settling or remaining on counters, doorknobs, and more when used to supplement thorough cleanings.

Protect Your Heating and Cooling System

While better health is the biggest reason to have an air quality solution in your home, it isn’t the only reason. By removing particles and substances from the air, you’re also protecting your heating and cooling system.

Your heating and cooling system usually relies on a simple air filter. Even the most advanced HVAC air filter doesn’t capture all of the particles that can end up in your air. As a result, they make their way into various parts of your HVAC system, including your ducts, coils, and blowers.

Over time, as the particles build up, your HVAC system has to start working harder to heat or cool your home. This leads to higher utility bills, for one. For another, it strains the various components, causing them to break down faster.

With an air quality solution, like activTek air sterilization systems, you capture those damaging particles. This reduces build up in your HVAC system, allowing it to work more efficiently and for longer.

Overall, a high-quality air quality solution is a critical component of a healthy home. If you want to keep your house in tiptop shape, install one today.

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