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How to Choose the Right Furnace

Are you thinking about upgrading your furnace but not quite sure where to begin?

We understand. Furnaces are more efficient than ever, with a plethora of features designed to keep you comfortable. They come in different sizes and shapes, some more powerful than others. They also have different price points based on their efficiency ratings.

The thermostat is the brains of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. But it’s the furnace that provides all the muscle, teaming up with your ductwork to send warm air throughout your Nevada home.

And always remember, a happy home is a warm one! It would only take a few cold days in a row with no indoor heat for all the pipes in your home to freeze.

What matters most is to pick the right furnace that fits your budget and the size of your home. Our team at Nevada Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Fireplace has the knowledge and expertise to help you make that choice. We’re a trusted name in the Sparks for creating healthy homes. Give us a call today—we can schedule a free consultation to help with your next home improvement project.

Choosing the Right Furnace by Fuel Type

Your first decision is easy: choosing the fuel type.

The most common source is natural gas. Your local utility company supplies the fuel delivered to your home through an underground gas line. The price of natural gas is relatively stable, so you don’t have to worry about cost fluctuations. Plus, you never need to worry about storage.

  • If you have access to a natural gas line, we strongly recommend a gas furnace. These furnaces have proven their value over the years for providing steady comfort on the coldest of days.
  • Oil furnaces are a popular alternative in the United States, particularly in parts of the Northeast that do not have easy access to natural gas. These types of furnaces last longer than a gas furnace but do not operate as efficiently. Oil prices fluctuate more than natural gas prices, making it harder to gauge your monthly expenses. Plus, you will need a storage tank for the oil.
  • Electric furnaces tend to last longer than gas furnaces and cost less to install. On the other hand, they are more expensive to operate and take longer to heat your home. Anyone living in a cold climate would enjoy more comfort with a gas or oil furnace.

Choosing the Right Furnace Speed

Furnaces run at different speeds. The operating speed you choose will impact your comfort, budget, and indoor air quality (IAQ).

Single-stage furnaces have just two settings, on or off. Your furnace switches on and continues to run to reach the desired temperature. Once it reaches the temperature, the furnace turns off. Single-stage furnaces are the most affordable models and easiest to install. But they are the least efficient and tend to create hot and cold spots in larger homes.

Two-stage furnaces run at full-speed and half-speed. This allows your furnace to heat your home more evenly, producing a more consistent temperature from room to room. In addition to producing better heating, the half-speed setting is much quieter.

Variable speed furnaces are the gold standard of the heating world. These models adjust their speeds to provide precise comfort. They run longer at slower speeds, improving efficiencies while lowering your energy bills. Because they do not frequently cycle on and off, these systems tend to have fewer breakdowns.

Variable speed furnaces are much more adept in maintaining your indoor air quality, catching harmful particles, and eliminating excess moisture that causes mold growth. Larger homes benefit tremendously from variable speed furnaces.

Choosing an Efficient Furnace

The AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating on your furnace indicates how much energy it converts. An energy-efficient furnace with an AFUE rating of 95 can convert 95 percent of the energy it consumes into heat.

The higher the AFUE rating, the more money you save on monthly utility bills. Energy-efficient furnaces emit fewer greenhouse gases and make less noise when they operate. If you want to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, the perfect place to start is with your heating and cooling equipment!

How Much Money Can a New Furnace Save You?

Our AFUE energy savings calculator can help determine how much you could save on your utility bills. Just enter your current unit’s AFUE value and compare it to a newer, more efficient system.

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Furnace Installation or Replacement

Don’t invest in a quality HVAC system and then hire a substandard contractor to install it. You will never enjoy the full benefits of a system installed incorrectly.

At Nevada Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Fireplace, we specialize in installing equipment the right way. We take our time to ensure everything is measured correctly. Our team will also conduct a thorough energy audit of your home to find additional ways to lower your energy use.

Furnace Repairs

Odd sounding noises, a spike in energy bills, or constant cycling—these signs indicate a problem with your furnace. Don’t wait for a minor issue to turn into a costly problem. Give us a call today if you detect a problem with your HVAC system. We promise never to replace a part unless necessary—or if we can demonstrate significant cost savings.

Furnace Maintenance

Want to get the most value from your HVAC system? Develop a preventative maintenance plan. Doing so can rejuvenate your equipment, increase your comfort, and lower your operating costs.

Give us a call today and ask about our customized Comfort Club Plus tailored to fit your budget and needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing a trusted professional is watching over your HVAC equipment.

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Our entire team at Nevada Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Fireplace values the trust you placed in our company—we promise to work extra hard to keep your business. Let us install your next furnace. Give our Sparks, NV, office a call today for a free consultation. Call us at 775-323-5585 or request service online today.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Sparks, NV 89436

“Drake and David M came today for furnace maintenance. Very pleasant, tidy, efficient and I recommend them to everyone.”
- Michelle C.

Gas Furnace Replacement in Reno, NV 89508

“i got to meet jacob hahn when he came to look at my heater. he was great. he explained everything easily to me. i needed a new heater. he helped me through the whole experience and i am most grateful. he represents the company very well. i”

- Jean p.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Reno, NV 89511

“Nick and Quinn came by to perform our annual furnace inspection bright and early this morning, right on time. They noted that the furnace purifier was due for replacement and ordered one for delivery. They also suggested that, given the built in filter included with the furnace, I could skip replacing the three wall duct filters. Hooray! One more recurring task removed from my list! Thanks guys! As always, friendly, personable service, on time and productive.”

- Stephen E.

Gas Furnace Installation in Reno, NV 89511

“On 2/3/23 a crew consisting of Roger, Christian, Vince, Tony & Kevin replaced my gas furnace & did the prep work for my A/C when the unit is in stock. The crew was led by Roger. They were very professional & efficient. Roger explained everything they were doing & answered all my questions. They made sure everything worked to my satisfaction before they left & left the work areas very clean. I would definitely recommend Roger & his crew to anyone.”

- Cheryl P.

Furnace Maintenance in Reno, NV 92865

“Rich H was available ahead of our scheduled time so he called to confirm that I was home. He came in as I was working on setting up my new internet and he went right to work doing my heater check up. By the time he finished I was still dealing with my internet set up. Rich offered to help and in just a couple of minutes he showed me the step I had skipped so when he left my heater is doing it’s job and I have internet, I truly appreciate the help.”

- Marie B.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Reno, NV 89509

“Routine maintenance was done on my furnace today. Jacob and David arrived promptly as scheduled and did the maintenance necessary to bring the furnace and filter up to date. They were professional, efficient and friendly, and explained the work they did on the appliance. I also appreciated them wearing “boots” on their shoes to protect my wood floors. I would not hesitate to call them if needed in the future. Thank you for your good work.”

- Joan S.

Gas Furnace Installation in Spanish Springs, NV 89436

“From the initial meeting with Myles who diagnosed our issue with the old furnace, I felt comfortable with the professionalism of Nevada Heating. While nobody wants to replace a furnace, 5 degree nights and a heater on the fritz are persuasive. I was shown the actual test results, video of the problem, and options (besides the single most expensive option) were presented and discussed.

We made our choice and a few days later the installation team arrived as scheduled. The three man crew (Roger, Christian, and Vince) were clean, friendly, and careful. They even suggested I relocate a few Christmas decorations to avoid any potential damage (extra points with Santa). Within a few hours, the work was done and the air is warm. They took the time to discuss maintenance (filter size included) and answer any last questions.

I couldn’t recommend Nevada Heating any more highly. I’m even thinking about checking out that fancy showroom I saw on TV. If they make the process this easy, maybe a new fireplace isn’t out of the question!!”

- Dan O.

Gas Furnace Installation in Sun Valley, NV 89433

“Excellent service and installation. Very satisfied. Chris and Justin were very professional, Thank you”

- Susy B.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Reno, NV 89502

“Your tech, Rich Hilstadt, called to notify me when he was arriving. He arrived on time. He answered all my questions and explained what he was doing. He did a great job.”

- James W.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Reno, NV 89502

“Nice when everything goes as it should.
I received confirmation of our appointment the day before scheduled service.
Received a call from the tech that he was on his way and expected ETA the day of the appointment.
Our tech, Rich H. was very pleasant and it didn’t take long to know he was very knowledgeable.
I like to ask questions and he let me. Even had answers.
Our two units are closing in on 20 years and he commented for their age they looked the best he’d seen.
That, I said, was due to the annual service we get from Nevada heating every year.
I love the comforting sound of our furnaces running as they should during these cold winter days.”

- Jack H.

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