The Importance of Servicing and Tuning Your Furnace Once a Year

Many homeowners know that their property needs various forms of routine maintenance. However, they might think that skipping their annual furnace service isn’t a big deal, especially if it seems to be operating fine.

In reality, forgoing that annual furnace tune-up is a big deal. Without proper maintenance, you could be setting yourself up for expensive repairs down the line. Plus, a lack of service could cost you money through higher utility bills, and it may even violate your warranty.

If you are wondering why servicing and tuning your furnace every year is so important, here’s a look at why it’s the case.

Stay Warm And Cozy

The most obvious reason for tuning your furnace once a year is to ensure it’s ready for winter. You can’t stay warm and cozy if your furnace breaks down or isn’t powerful enough to maintain your ideal temperature.

With an annual tune-up, a professional will examine your furnace for problems that may cause it to fail or operate with less efficiency. If a repair is needed, you can get it handled before you need to turn your furnace up to remain comfortable. If not, then you’ll have peace of mind that you’re ready for the cold months.

Additionally, by handling your yearly service before the weather turns colder, you’ll have plenty of time to deal with a replacement, if that’s what needs to happen. You won’t be stuck freezing in your home while waiting for a new install, as you’ll be able to tackle it before the temperature makes running your furnace a necessity.

Shrink your Energy Costs

During the colder months, running your furnace usually drives up your energy bills. In some areas, it can even represent 50 percent of your energy costs, if not more. While this isn’t completely avoidable, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep these costs lower.

A well-maintained furnace operates with greater efficiency. It doesn’t have to strain to keep your home cozy, and may not have to kick on as often to keep it that way. That means it can control your home’s temperature while using less energy.

While your yearly tune-up does come with a cost, it’s usually far less than what a poor-running furnace does to your utility bill. As a result, your annual tune-up typically leads to an overall savings.

Stay in-warranty

Many furnaces come with long warranties, at times being ten years or more. While many homeowners assume that they are always covered, that isn’t the case. If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s requirements, you violate the agreement. When that happens, even an event that would usually be covered will have to be handled out of your own pocket.

Annual servicing for your furnace is commonly a requirement outlined by the manufacturer. By scheduling your yearly tune-up, you’re ensuring that you stay in-warranty. Then, if a covered issue occurs, you can provide the manufacturer with service records, proving you followed its guidelines. After that, you’ll be able to get your covered repair without having to pay for it personally.

Spot Dangers

Furnaces burn fuel to create heat. Both the combustion process and gas fuels can lead to a variety of dangers. With a gas fuel leak, if there’s a spark, it can ignite in a blaze, or even cause an explosion. The combustion process can also produce carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that’s odorless and colorless, and that can quickly become fatal.

During your annual servicing, a furnace technician can look for signs of dangerous leaks. If they spot an issue, they can correct it quickly, ensuring your family and home are as safe as possible.

Ultimately, your annual furnace servicing is a critical maintenance activity. Make sure to handle it before the weather turns cold each year, ensuring you can remain warm and cozy all winter long.

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